What is Qatarization

The Qatar National Vision 2030 outlines four pillars to seek greater growth and prosperity for our country and its people. Working under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar’s energy sector has become the largest contributor to our economy and its sustainable development. It has also led the efforts for the “wise management of exhaustible resources to ensure that future generations inherit ample means to meet their aspirations,” as envisioned by Qatar National Vision 2030. 

Deep in the heart of our heritage and our roots, we are seeking on creating the next generation of energy sector professionals who will carry our mission forward to the next generation and for many after that. 

Our efforts do not stop at managing, utilizing and monetizing our Energy Sector. The secret to sustainable success is achievable only by the development of educated, well-trained, experienced, and dedicated National human resources. This has led to a concentrated effort of Qatarization since the year 2000 in the Energy Sector and with an overall goal of 50% Qatarization in permanent established positions. 

Due to this tremendous growth over the last two decades the Energy Sector became one of the biggest employer of Qataris through a unique partnership that went beyond numbers. Our main objectives are still attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining Qataris resulting in a high caliber Qatari work force, and extending valuable career opportunities with a promising future.

The Qatarization target is a function of quality and competent Qataris holding permanent established positions that are:

  • In Key positions
  • In Sensitive positions
  • Tied to company business plans
To support these objectives, we have established strong partnerships with the education sector and the local communities to ensure the effectiveness of our efforts. We have also designed our development processes to verify efficiencies and rewarding our youth, while at the same time, dedicating unlimited resources to ensure continuous support throughout their careers.  

The Energy Sector require highly technical and demanding work, however part of our Qatarization programs can offer sponsorships, excellent development programs, provide great rewards for good contributors, and develop talented people to meet their desirable goals and for the competent person into leadership roles. The Sector invests in their employees, therefore the companies in the Sector are by many viewed as employer of choice.

 “Join us and explore your future” ​

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